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2nd Annual Bruins Alumni Charity Game To Airing On Bruins Alumni TV

Watch the game here...

On November 28 , the Hockey Cares For Kids Heroes played the Boston Bruins Alumni. Led by Alumni President Rick Middleton, the former Bruins played a spirited game that proved to be a successful fundraiser for Hockey Cares For Kids. The game was videotaped and will air on the Boston Bruins Alumni TV on December 12th, more details will be posted and a link when available.

The game had different rules and formats due to the COVID regulations. The teams played 4 on 4 hockey with two 25 minute halves. The new rules only allow 8-10 players on the bench at a time, so the teams were broken into two halves, with 8 players playing the 1st half and 8 playing the 2nd half. Adding intrigue and fun to the game was the fact that there was no face offs and very few, if any, whistles. As such, players had to change on the fly.

The Hockey Cares for Kids Heroes line up submitted by the Coach is below:


November 28, 2020



Rob Jaworski # 27

Kevin Foley # 61

Barry Mitchell # 77

Ryan Schruender # 38


Stephanie Wood # 6

Brendan Greelish # 10

Daron Greelish # 16

Jim O’Shea # 15


Kevin Chiles # 13

Joe Valente # 9

Al Pederson # 41

Dave Russo # 63


Scott Ragucci # 82

Rob Bagley # 19

Dave McCarthy # 4

Jeremy McCarthy # 44

Rick Glover # 17


Nicholas Piazza- Goal # 1

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